v22 of Astra Imperia

Version 22 of Astra Imperia is now available on dtrpg.com. If you have previously purchased it, you should have already gotten notice of the updated file.

Most of the changes have been balance issues. A couple of new mechanics, most notably Political Capital. Political Capital, or PC allows the player to affect diplomacy rolls in their favor. It accrues over time and once spent it is gone.

In the next few days I will be starting a test campaign. There will be some (a lot) of prep work for it, so that will be my focus at first.

Version 19 of Astra Imperia Playtest is available

So with the great help of the folks on the Aurora Discord (https://discord.gg/Dp7p6b8), Some things have been clarified and changed.

The new pdf is available on DriveThruRPG.com (http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/131614/Astra-Imperia-2). Some notable changes include adding the preceding level of Metallurgy to the next, in addition to Construction. Slight changes in some formulas. Warp Anchors are proving to be quite a headache. Such as how does one find a ship in FTL from N-Space? So they currently work system-wide (which I don’t like) and are installations. If they are ship systems, the need to detect ships in FTL arises again. Emergence Wave Detectors, by their very name and nature only detect when a ship exits FTL. Maybe some sort of FTL Ripple, similar to a boat’s wake that follows a ship in FTL that is detectable. Regardless, this will need thought and number crunching. Of course, all of these changes have rendered the current alpha version of AI Aide as obsolete and incorrect.

Other projects

Via Astrum is proceeding nicely. Mainly down to adding in the universal fluff. In Eldritch Adventures, the spell rewrites are coming along. Next on the list there is the reworking of the bestiary. 

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