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Owner: Erik Luken

Version: 0.3

Last Updated: 30-04-2019 19:06


Dust swirls in the dry wind of the desolate plain. A heat shimmer makes the horizon hazy. Through the hazy dust strides a solitary figure, the ground vibrating slightly at each step. As it draws closer, weapon mounts can be made out along the figure’s arms and torso. From behind a hill, another figure steps forth, belching fire. The first staggers under the impact of multiple strikes from missiles. It raises an arm; a bright viridian beam lances out and slams into the second form high on its body. It takes a step. Another. And collapses to its knees, finally falling to lie on the ground.

The other warrior strides to his fallen opponent, and places another strike from the beam into the head of the fallen. The victor strides towards the small city on the edge of the plain, towering over the buildings.

Welcome to combat of the future.

This is a game of futuristic warfare. The battlefield of the future is dominated by GOLEMs (General Optimized Legionnaire’s Exoskeletal Mech). These giant robotic machines tower over the battlefield.

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