Astra Imperia Cover

Cover pages

So I have decided on cover pages for Astra Imperia and Via Astrum. As you can see, the covers are similar. The art is by Rick Hershey/Fat Goblin Games ( I’ve purchased a number of stock art pieces from this company, and the quality has yet to let me down.

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Version 19 of Astra Imperia Playtest is available

So with the great help of the folks on the Aurora Discord (, Some things have been clarified and changed. The new pdf is available on ( Some notable changes include adding the preceding level of Metallurgy to the next, in addition to Construction. Slight changes in some formulas. Warp Anchors are proving to […]

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New Year

Well, it is 2014. Couple of days in, and snow has blanketed much of the country. Enough about snow. So we all make resolutions this time of year. I’m no exception. The resolution I’ve made for this year is to dedicate more time to writing. The ultimate goal of this is to get Via Astrum, […]

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