Lotro Session – Malraeg

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Tonight’s session of Lotro features my level 84 human burglar, Malraeg. He’s in Rohan, currently near the town of Garsfeld. He runs around with an elven guardian named Rainael.

The evening begins with a quick trip to Hytbold to aid the reconstruction efforts. Getting direction, the pair heads to Harwick to see what aid they may be there. The two intrepid adventurers gather quests to cleanse Digelon of lizards and fungus, remove some Easterlings from the plains of the Wold. After clearing out some lizards and fungus, Wulfin decided that Mal could be considered an ally of the Wold. The pair cleans out some Easterlings and then head to Cliving to see what assistance they may render there. Aldbeort sends them to Ost Magol to kill orcs and Uruks, and to destroy a totem.

A dozen orcs and a totem later, the two return to Aldbeort for some well-earned gold.

Rain & Mal head to Garsfeld via Faldham and aid some farmers in Garsfeld. Mal gets to level 85.