Lotro Session – Oredan

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After a quick ride via goat from the 21st Hall to the Silvertine Lodes, it was time to delve deeper in search of Sweina. It was a quick jaunt to Thalfar’s camp. A brief conversation with him told me Sweina was deeper, near the Water Works. I reached Sweina just in time to aid him when he was ambushed by foul goblins. Sweina was determined to remain, so all I could do was return to Bosi and inform him. Bosi had read more of the Book of Mazarbul and wished Lord Brogur to hear of what he had found. So it was once again back to the 21st Hall to Brogur.

Brogur tells me that Bori has a plan to strike at the orcs. Bori wants me to gather some dwarfs to aid him, collect weapons and armor, and to scout the area of attack. Sigthorn is too busy to help us. Skygni feels a head-on attack is best. Wethur feels the raid is unwise, as does Sebbi. Stilling volunteered to aid us, as does Wili. Bori is a bit disappointed with the number of volunteers, but presses on with his plan.

Figuring to kill two goblins with one stone, I hitch a ride to the Orc Watch to see Avar. After talking to a number of dwarfs, Isolf charges me with cleaning up the droppings of goats left behind. With a surly growl, I acquiesce to his plan. After picking up an inordiate amount of goat droppings, I come upon Roarr and Ingifast’s camp. Ingifast has me deposit the material on a pile, claiming a goat was feeling unwell. Roarr and Ingifast want me to defeat some orcs, collect ore from them, and defeat a raiding party. I set out into the Redhorn Lodes proper.

After much slaughtering of orcs, I find most of what Bori needs for his plans. I return to Roarr and Ingifast who ask me to remove the leaders of the two camps, as well as find another expedition. Much killing ensues. I remove the leaders, find the rest of Bori’s gear, kill some forge masters, and find a locket. I also come across another piece of Helgi Goblinbane’s statue. I discover where Knakk has camped. He listens to my report and asks me to kill some spiders. I head towards the Foundations of Stone to find the spiders. The air is filled with noxious fumes, but I press on, killing many spiders. I return again to Knakk to report my successes.

He sends me back to where I found the spiders to destroy fungal growths that are producing the noxious gasses. I destroy a number of fungi and head back to Knakk. He asks me to return and find what is cultivating these fungi, and defeat the leaders of the spiders and orcs in the area. I find the cultivator, a nameless horror from the Foundations of Stone. I dispose of the leaders, and return to Knakk. While I was out slaughtering orcs, spiders and other disgusting beasties, Knakk managed to open Kafli’s locket. He asks me to bring it to his cousin Kuli.

I borrow Knakk’s goat and ride to Auti’s camp where Kuli is staying. Kuli asks me to drink to Kafli’s memory throughout various encampments in Moria. I begin my drinking and toasting in the Redhorn Lodes. I don’t recall much after the 5th drink, but I somehow ended back up with Auti and Kuli. My head hurts. Auti and Kuli speak of a nearby infestation of gredbyg that may hold some clue as to the location of an ancient mining deposit.

After much slaying of bugs and noting concentrations of them on my map, I return to Kuli and Auti. Kuli mentions a garrison, Nud-heden that I should seek out. I set forth once again.  I find and enter the garrison, to find it infested with gredbyg. While exploring Nud-heden, I find an old nursery now used by the bugs. I destroy a number of larval sacks. In the old mess hall I find a grodbog queen! I set forth to slay the foul progenitor of the bugs. The queen is no more and I return to Auti and Kuli.

Auti asks me to seek out the source of heat supplying the hive. I delve deeper into the hive, following the heat. Soon I find a passage into the Flaming Deeps! This is where the heat is coming from. As I enter, I hear sounds of battle. I head towards the sounds. I come upon an injured dwarf, Bensi. He tells me of a battle and seek any survivors. As I approach Hadad-Mezer, the sounds of battle abruptly stop. I fear the worst. My fears are soon confirmed as I find a dead dwarf. He bears a message for Hysing in Anazarmekhem. That is my next desitination.

Hysing directs me towards Anghumu-ru. On my way out, I spy a placard with a riddle on it.

Weight in my belly,

Trees are my back,

Nails in my ribs,

Feet do I lack

I pause to ponder the riddle.