Been slacking in the updating department recently. Had a contract that ended beginning of April. As for gaming, been playing a lot of SWTOR. I still think Bioware would have been better off making KOTOR 3, 4, and 5, instead of a MMO.

Picked up Defiance. Typical FPS. Controls are wonky, since they are geared to a console controller. Game companies need to realize that a lot of us still game on our PCs. PC gaming is not dead. Giving us shit UIs because you coded for a console first then added PC interface second is a good way to lose customers.

Enough of that. Updated Via Astrum. Still have a few things to write, namely the Xeno chapter and some random events in the character creation chapter. Eldritch Adventures still needs the spells all written out. Updated the weapons to a more balanced approach. A setting would be good too. And then a crap ton of play testing. Via Astrum seems a lot easier to balance than Eldritch Adventures. Project:GOLEM has been on the back burner. I should dig that out and see what needs to be finished there too. Mostly background/fluff if I recall.

On the programming side, picked up a couple of books on Android programming. I know, Google is evil, but I’ll burn in hell before I own an iPhone. So I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy. Great monthly, no contract plan from Virgin Mobile.

Other than that, I’m back to looking for work again. Yay. Not. Killing pixels in SWTOR (Ebon Hawk server, Emissaries of Light or Emissaries of Shadow).