Neverwinter Online Review, Part 2

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So, today Neverwinter Online is “live”. They are out of beta, and celebrated it with a grand invasion of the Protector’s Enclave with undead. Many undead. Frequently. That aside, the live launch also introduced Alchemy as a crafting skill.

Alchemy is the new crafting skill. This allows a character to create potions (obviously). The biggest difference between Alchemy and the existing craft skills is the manner in which xp is gained. In alchemy, there is only 1 job per level that grants xp. So you can crank out potions and stuff until you are inundated with it, but your level won’t advance unless you do this special job. This can pose an issue since the item needed for the job seems to be somewhat uncommon. I received one from another alchemy job, out of 6 or 7 jobs. 12-14% drop rate is what I call very uncommon.

In the blog for NWO, the devs also said there will be weaponsmithing, which was a big omission from what I saw previously. This is good news in my opinion, and rounds out the crafting nicely.

Now if there was just something to make nature a viable gathering skill. Or at least a class that uses it.