Firefly: The Game Review

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So I went on a splurge and purchased Firefly: The Game, along with all of the expansions. The base game has 5 systems and 4 Firefly class ships. There are two big expansions, adding to the map, expanding the ‘Verse to 12 systems. 

Also available are additional ships, the Artful Dodger, Jetwash, Esmerelda, and two non-Firefly ships, a hauler and an interceptor. On the opposition side is the Alliance Cruiser, the Alliance Corvette, and three Reaver ships.  In addition, there are expansions expanding various mechanics (Crime & Punishment adds to the Misbehavin’ deck, Pirates & Bounty Hunters add bounties and PvP play).

With all of this said, I find it a very enjoyable game. Setup and tear down are a pain in the butt as you have 10+ decks to setup and place. The game can potentially support nine players, but with more than 4-6 the game tends to bog down quite a bit.

As for game play, each game has an overarching mission, be it gather credits, or perform some spectacular heist. Players work towards this goal by performing various missions for power brokers through out the ‘Verse like Patience or Mr. Universe. Once you complete a mission, you are “solid” with that person providing additional benefits. However, watch out for the Alliance who will confiscate your illegal goods, if any.

You also need to be on the lookout for the Reavers (one in the base game, and up to 3 in the expansions). Reavers can cost you crew, which will hinder your ability to do missions.

Crew. No captain can succeed without a crew. Crews add to the three skills (Fighting, Tech, and Social) to some extent. Specific crew can will have keywords, Inara being a Companion, Wash being a Pilot, and so on. These keywords can provide extra benefits on missions or ability to complete missions.

Typical games last around 2-3 hours, depending on the mission selected and how many players you have. While the game does say 2-5 players, you can play solo (there are actually a couple of solo missions) and you can play with more than 5. Again, I’d not recommend more than 6.

Overall, on a scale of 1-5, I give this game a solid 4.5.