Games of the Week of 8/20 – 8/27

Board games

So I’m going to attempt to keep a record of the games I play during the week. Now to be clear, this is a record of tabletop games rather than computer games.

So to begin with, Thursday is my regular game night. The current schedule is one week RPGs, the next board games. 24th was a board game night.

I brought four games to game night, Terraforming Mars, Roll for the Galaxy, Fleet Commander: Genesis, and Hegemonic.

Hegemonic got the nod for the night and we played. Being it was the first time for any of us, the going was a bit rough. It is a space exploration and conquer type of game. You need to build your influence by building embassies, outposts, and commercial installations. Each type of building can attempt to take over an opponent’s sector. Commercial buildings attempt mergers, military outposts use force, etc.

The game setup is a core game board surrounded by a number of 5 hex game boards. Each player starts on one of the boards and as turns progress, they play single hex systems anywhere on the board.

The game took approximately 4 hours to play, and on the final round, we figured we had been doing all of the combats incorrectly. Live and learn.

The next game was on Friday and was a two-player game of Firefly. We didn’t have any specific scenario, just a time limit and he with the most bucks at the end was declared the winner.  It came down to a 700 dollar spread between us. Spoiler, I lost 🙁

We played with a small error in interpreting the rules. More of an overlooking a rule. Anyway, remember, when it comes to alert tokens, remove them after resolving them. We were leaving them which made for some interesting pathing at times.

Next week on Thursday will be a RPG night and we’ll be continuing our Champions game.

Terraforming Mars

Fleet Commander: Genesis

Roll for the Galaxy