Current Gaming


So, for my current gaming I’ve been running Champions every other week. On the “off” weeks, it’s been board games, mostly Firefly and Roll for the Galaxy.

The Champions game I am running is set in a near future alternate history world. The game year is 2022, and powered individuals are prevalent (1 in 50,000). These metagenetic humans run the spectrum from hero to villain, weak to powerful. Some Champion favorites are in the world (VIPER), as well as entities created purely for this campaign.

To aid in tracking all of the data necessary to run a campaign, I’ve been using RealmWorks by Lone Wolf Development. This allows me to create snippets for heroes and villains, as well as snippets for history and organizations. One item is referenced by another and Realm Works ties the two together. Another nice feature is the storyboards. I can create plot lines with branching lines and organize these into stories.

There are a number of plot lines that the players both know about and don’t know about.  VIPER is of course up to shenanigans, so the players occasionally are running into them. Besides VIPER, there are a number of unique organizations for the players to foil. These range from high tech to magic using societies.