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Evidently I decided there were not enough creatures available in the Codex. So I added a bunch of mundane type creatures along with a number of fantastic creatures.

The number of creatures more than doubled from 166 to over 380. Of course, now the creatures need stats. Along with the creatures, a few templates were added. This allows you to take a “regular” creature and apply a template to it so that it is now another type. Such as, a hound and applying the Incorporeal Undead template. You now have a ghost hound. This effectively increases the number of creatures to well over 2,000.

With this increase of creatures in the codex, a reorganization was required. Major groupings are now Natural Animals, Humanoids, Undead, Dragons, Extra-Planar, and Plants.

In addition to the Codex changes, a new skill was added: Performance. This allows the character to make a check to sing, dance, act, play an instrument, etc. A couple new abilities were added dealing with creatures mainly, though anyone with a Natural Weapon can utilize the new abilities. Additionally, a Species Ability category was added. This currently only has Night Sight which elves and a sub-species of dwarf have. I do have some ideas for additions to this category as well.

Speaking of races. They are now Species. Purebred has been renamed to just Human. Fae still retains the Fae name as well as “half-elf”. Gnomes retain the gnome name as well as “half-dwarf”. Orcs have been moved to the province of opposition only, and Stone-Kin expanded to three dwarf sub-species: Mountain, Hill, and Deep. A new human-kin has been added, the Koatl, or half-lizard (Scale-kin).

The change-log is up to nearly 90 entries, so I should probably release v26 and restart the list. But I’d like to hold off on that until at least there are rudimentary entries for all of the creatures in the Codex.

Anyways, that is all for now.

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