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Eldritch Adventures v27 Playtest Update

Eldritch Adventures Cover

Eldritch Adventures has been going through a lot of playtesting in the last few months. The changelog is listed below.

Version 27

  1. Added Factions to Appendix A.
  2. Added Towns & Cities to terrain generation.
  3. Changed resistances to 15+ stat
  4. Changed ROF to occur one following init counts.
  5. Added Traits, an enchantment to items
  6. Started moving some Abilities to Traits.
  7. Changed starting abilities to 3 from 2.
  8. Changed Cowardly to +10 Resistance and +1 Step DV.
  9. Restricted Toughness to being taken 5 times.
  10. Added Half-Elf to the Racial summary table.
  11. Added stepping for ranged weapons.
  12. Fixed AV/DV typo for alternate armor casting penalty.
  13. Explicitly included shields in armor casting penalty
  14. Added reorient misc combat action.
  15. Removed init reroll from hold
  16. Fixed weapon durability
  17. Fixed some potentially misleading die modifiers
  18. Verified healing spells that may damage creatures susceptible to holy damage
  19. Added matrix construction to Artificing skill
  20. Added spell affinities to some gems.
  21. Updated description of scythe to be 2 handed and have reach.
  22. Moving into threatened areas of a reach weapon provokes reaction attack.
  23. Added a table to section on ranged damage to summarize.
  24. Duration of controlling undead established.
  25. Number of controlled undead established.
  26. Changed undead, dragon, planar fear to Fear combat state on fail.
  27. Added check times to fear combat state.
  28. Added section on summoned weapons.
  29. Changed battle magic ability
  30. Added chances to spell absorption and deflection.
  31. Modified starting DV.
  32. Added Init count to Block
  33. Added section on scrolls
  34. Added Ritual skill to matrix creation.
  35. Added init counts to bardic chants
  36. Changed Battle Magic ability to grant combat Expertise bonus.
  37. Added a taunt function to the Intimidate skill
  38. Changed some wording in Aether bolt spell.
  39. Changed some wording on Fire Dart spell.
  40. Mana decay for blood mages
  41. Spells all have verbal and somatic components
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