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AI Aide Changelog


Global Changes
    Updated build version to 1915Database Changes

Specific Changes

New Features

    A-5: Import ComponentMaster to Player Components on game creation. (AI_Aide)
    A-4: Update database (AICore_Launcher)
    A-3: Localize text fields (AICore_Race)
    A-11: Show Component Design Window (AICore_Research)
    A-6: Read table for specified system ID and fill form (AICore_System)
    A-7: Account for user preference when determining minerals (AICore_System)
    A-8: Read the database for colonies (AI_Aide)
    A-9: Figure out how to validate database integrity.
    A-10: Fix orbit grid from resetting when adding an orbit in custom systems (AICore_System)
    Expand voice responses.

    A-12: Manually edit/enter system info.
    A-13: Create Sol system.

    A-1: On a new game creating a new system, the last stellar component overwrites the rest.

Most of the work here was changing to a new issue tracking system. VB development is also on hiatus as the C# version is being created.

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