Via Astrum Changelog

Version 98

  1. Changed some wording on Luck Pool uses.
  2. Changed Digital Forensics to a separate skill from Forensics
  3. Removed erroneous reference to APP in Rutan section of the character creation. Replaced with negative to SEN.
  4. Added standard capacity for Vehicular Energy Cells to vehicles.
  5. Added power conversion and additional VEC mods to vehicles.
  6. Fixed a typo showing 95-00 was an autosuccess.

Version 97

  1. Added Aristocrat adolescent background.
  2. Added “Any” to Mercenary Military career entry.
  3. Added Colonist Adolescent background.
  4. Added Belter career.
  5. Added Mining Gig ship.
  6. Added Veterinary skill.
  7. Added some granularity to first aid kits, now termed Medkits.
  8. Added additional gear
  9. Added Explorer vehicle. Think moon rover.
  10. Fixed a typo in the aging table.
  11. Slightly adjusted FAM gains on major medals.
  12. Added Dilettante career.
  13. Added Total Defense combat move.
  14. Added Primitive armors.
  15. Added low tech weapons (pistol and rifle, flintlocks)
  16. Expanded Wound table.
  17. Changed Mercenary to Mercenary/Independent.
  18. Added race creation to chapter 17.
  19. Added Flaws
  20. Added Cyber Tolerant Talent.
  21. Added Grifter spec to Criminal
  22. Added event tables for all criminal specs.
  23. Added hirelings and services to chapter 9.
  24. Finished Appendix P and updated to include Aristocrat and Dilettante.
  25. Reduced the ship structures to 1/10 for military and 1/20 for civilian.
  26. Finished verifying stats on Xenobestiary.
  27. Added Cyber Ops to Corporate career.
  28. Added Cyberwarfare Division to Gov’t career.
  29. Added Cyberwarfare to Military MOS.
  30. Added Assault to Military MOS.

Version 0.96

  1. Moved Stealth to General from Underworld.
  2. Changed name of Depleted Uranium Round to Depleted Uranium Sabot Penetrator Round.
  3. Re-added old DU round as Depleted Uranium Round.
  4. Fixed some entries in the Misc. Equipment table showing damage instead of weight.
  5. Added Quick Draw holster.
  6. Added 11 new vehicles.
  7. Modified careers to have 1 skill as a Core Skill per term for second + terms and later careers.
  8. Added Talent Scout focus to Media career.
  9. Changed retirement benefit wording slightly across careers.
  10. Changed FA damage to +3d10
  11. Added downtime actions
  12. Added awareness and attack to xeno entries.
  13. Validated xeno entries through turtle, double-headed.
  14. Added a Luck Pool.
  15. Changed Stress to Morale x 2.
  16. Started Appendix X – Useful Calculations
  17. Changed Incapacitated stabilization roll to Difficult from Challenging.
  18. Added Patron as a 15 year perk
  19. Added Needlers
  20. Added Extended barrels
  21. Added Inhibitor grenades.
  22. Added Medical Treatment skill
  23. Added Analyze Animal Behavior skill
  24. Added Analyze Ecosystem skill.
  25. Added Acceleration to vehicles
  26. Added Air brakes
  27. Added Improved/Reduced Acceleration
  28. Added some additional vehicle gear.
  29. Added a couple of new vehicles
  30. Modified some existing vehicles to have new gear.
  31. Added 7 new starships.
  32. Added build/repair rules.
  33. Modified Stress/Morale to be per encounter rather than counted per round.
  34. Validated skills in Chapter 13.
  35. Reduced starship costs by 10%
  36. Added Smuggler Specialization to Criminal career.

Version 0.93

  1.  Added branches to Survey Corps.
  2. Added skill selections to a number of careers.
  3. Changed aid skill to a graduated table instead of a flat +10%.
  4. Added Open-Ended rolls back to damage rolls.
  5. Removed a reference to actions in Coup-de-grace.
  6. Added reloading action.
  7. Changed Shock Glove damage to EM
  8. Changed Stun Baton to 1d10K/2d10EM.
  9. Changed RR to Rcl.
  10. Added space suits and emergency space suits.
  11. Changed Shock Web to EM damage.
  12. Changed laser sights to 2x ACC
  13. Changed rangefinders to +50% Acc.
  14. Changed Young Adult background to Adolescent background.
  15. Added a way to change MOS to military career.
  16. Added a path to OCS from military career.
  17. Added a clause on pirate raider to limit to First Mate/Captain.
  18. Modified Events layout to incorporate results into table.
  19. Expanded age tables to include optional races. Modified format.
  20. Added jump delay for FTL drives.
  21. Changed lock on chance to 15% from 10%
  22. Added Dagger-class Pirate Raider.
  23. Added a System Overview chapter.
  24. Reorganization of the Background chapter.
  25. Put in a path to actually enter the Media career.
  26. Added Legal branch to Corporate.
  27. Moved Aging to Race chapter.
  28. Added Clergy career.
  29. Changed Health to Vigor

Version 0.92

  1. Inserted missing page reference to Troubleshooting skill in consolidated skill list.
  2. Changed Hard armor to be 2x versus non-AP ammo.
  3. Added Soft armor to the definition of soft targets for Hollow point ammo.
  4. Changed Gel rounds to do zero damage to Hard armor targets.
  5. Added Delay action.
  6. Removed old references to damage dice exploding.
  7. Fixed Matthew Niday to current rules.
  8. Fixed Lucien to current rules.
  9. Fixed Geneva Saldana to current rules.
  10. Fixed Victor Harr to current rules.
  11. Fixed Joe McDade to current rules.
  12. Fixed Aurora McKnight to current rules.
  13. Inserted missing Disguise skill from consolidated list.
  14. Fixed Edison Fitzgerald to current rules.
  15. Added character summary to Sample Character header page.
  16. Added Economic Status to character creation.
  17. Added Young Adult backgrounds (ages 13-18).
  18. Changed master event table to 2d10 and removed No result.
  19. Changed a number of specific event tables referencing skills to be core skills.
  20. Changed +5% bonus result on event tables to +10%
  21. Swapped good results to upper numbers on event tables.
  22. Removed no cyber replacement on wound table.
  23. Made POW entry retirement into a success test.
  24. Increased duplicate Core skill bonus to 10% from 5%
  25. Changed Survey Corps retirement benefit for ship to kick in after five terms instead of after one.
  26. Increased random cash amounts by a factor of 10
  27. Increased severance package cash amounts
  28. Moved Talents to chapter 2 to follow the suggested character creation flow.
  29. Changed Stat roll to 25 + Stat
  30. Removed the 5% chance of pure success from Impossible tasks.
  31. Changed psionics to use the Psionic skill.
  32. Psi skills are now specializations of the Psionic skill.
  33. Changed Mental Contact to a Psionic skill task
  34. Changed Psionic Affinity to lower the task threshold needed by one step.
  35. Added an exception to the skill specializations for psionics to be 10% for psionic skills.
  36. Added suggested economic statuses to races
  37. Added Appendix N – Inspirational Sources
  38. Added Appendix P – Instant Characters
  39. Changed suppression fire slightly.
  40. Swapped appendix A & B.
  41. Added Rogue Scientist, Rogue Psi, and Street Doc to Criminal career as specializations.
  42. Alphabetized specs in various careers.
  43. Changed odd on Love event table.
  44. Removed some old references to career/class paths that no longer exist.
  45. Added Insight skill
  46. Added Composition skill
  47. Added Endurance skill
  48. Removed Ground Piloting specialization as it is duplicated with the Driving skill
  49. Added Media career.
  50. Added Survey Corps Explorer
  51. Added musical instruments and holocam
  52. Added a performance ground vehicle sample.

Version 0.91

  1. Minor layout changes.
  2. Fixed some erroneous page number references
  3. Alphabetized Psionic Skill and Talents
  4. Adjusted cost of called shot from 6 AP to 8AP
  5. Adjusted value of anti-tox
  6. Added reduced speed and reduced handling vehicle options
  7. Added three sample vehicles.
  8. Added Empathy stat.
  9. Added Humanity derived stat. Cybernetics reduce Humanity.
  10. Added Credibility skill
  11. Added Personal Skills category.
  12. Changed Law skill to INT base
  13. Changed Mimicry to EMP/CHA from SEN/CHA
  14. Moved a number of skills to the Personal Skills category.
  15. Added Computer Design skill.
  16. Modified recoil to be based on the STR of the firing character.
  17. Added some cybernetics and bionetics.
  18. Added cyberpsychosis.
  19. Added Cyber-Implant Weapon skill.
  20. Changed AP ammo to halve armor value.
  21. Added hard/soft armor designations
  22. Changed AP ammo to negate hard armor quality.
  23. Added a couple vehicles.
  24. Fleshed out gov’t organizations for a couple races.
  25. Added a bit to the introductory adventure.
  26. Added Beam Spreader
  27. Added Overcharge Module
  28. Added sentient races to Optional section for character creation
  29. Added TL requirements for backgrounds and careers.
  30. Added EMP to Opponents
  31. Added Haste psionic skill
  32. Added Slow psionic skill
  33. Added AP reduction to Slow condition
  34. Added consolidated psi skill list.
  35. Added consolidated skill list.
  36. Removed a couple duplicate skills
  37. Added consolidated talent list
  38. Added lawyer talent.
  39. Added 3 new creatures to the Xeno chapter.
  40. Consolidated Jump/Climb/Swim into Athletics.
  41. Completed Talent reference table.
  42. Modified the cost of vehicles to be based on a formula.
  43. Adjusted prices of vehicles.
  44. Changed the mounts stat on vehicles to be the maximum allowed. Vehicles with weapons listed are assumed to have the appropriate mounts.
  45. Added Psi Storm and Psi Cloak psionic powers
  46. Added Armor modifications
  47. Added Wrist Rockets
  48. Added some miscellaneous equipment.
  49. Added Cardio Implant to cybernetics.
  50. Added Obvious grade cybernetics
  51. Added Kit refills.
  52. Added augment scanners.
  53. Added information on detecting cybernetics and bionetics.
  54. Added three new xenos: Naga, Horned Lurker, and Lupus Eagle.
  55. Changed computer from INT to Complexity.
  56. Removed references to terabytes. Storage is based on complexity.
  57. Added a comm jammer.