1. What is Astra Imperia? Astra Imperia is a 4x wargame. Players take the role of the leader of a space empire and expand their empire, explore the galaxy, exploit their colonies, and exterminate their enemies.

2. What is Via Astrum? Via Astrum is a role playing game that is situated in the Astra Imperia Universe. Take the role of a soldier, spy, mercenary, pirate, ship captain, scientist, or whatever you desire and explore the galaxy.

3. What is Eldritch Adventures? Eldritch Adventures is a fantasy role playing game. Get rid of levels. Play the character you want by customizing your talents, skills, and abilities.

4. What is Project:GOLEM? Project:GOLEM is a futuristic mech warfare war game. Players control one or more GOLEMs and fight each other.

5. What is Cyberhack? Cyberhack is my problem child. This game originally started as a computer game, morphed into a board game, and currently resides in a dual space as a card/board game and a computer game (again). The premise is the players take the role of hackers and undertake missions to hack corporate mainframes to accomplish the job. Not to worry NSA, there is nothing realistic in this game, so please don’t Steve Jackson me.

6. What is Dice Warriors? This is a quick and dirty game where your warriors are the dice. You roll the dice and the result you get is what action the warrior takes out on your opponent.

7. What is AI Aide? AI Aide is a computer aid for Astra Imperia. It is designed to alleviate most of the bookwork involved in playing Astra Imperia.