About Arkayn Game Designs

Way back in 1993, I started toying with creating games. It wasn’t very pretty, but the name I picked at the time stuck. Mostly. Arkayn Games was the original name. As time passed, I alternated between Arkayn Software Design (when I was doing programming work) and Arkayn Games/Arkayn Game Designs. 

In 1998, or thereabouts, I started to concentrate on game design. So Arkayn Game Designs became the full time name. I initially started out with a war game, Astra Imperia. This was because of the perceived flaw that in these games (space empire 4x), you start just entering space and in five years of game time you are out-stripping Star Trek technology. I disagreed with this philosophy, so rather than attempt to tack on home rules to an existing game, I wrote my own.

In 2006, I self-published the game via Lulu.com. I promptly started version 2. In addition to Astra Imperia, I have worked on two role-playing games; Via Astrum and Eldritch Adventures. Via Astrum is a science fiction rpg, while Eldritch Adventures is fantasy.

I’ve also delved into the giant robot/mech combat game arena with Project:GOLEM, and in the dark future hacking world with CyberHack. As a lark last year, I designed Dice Warriors in about an hour. It’s not gone through much testing and is quite rough around the edges.

So that is a brief history of Arkayn Game Designs.

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