Project:GOLEM Changelog

V. 3

  1. Added Heavy Laser description.
  2. Added Jammer to electronics
  3. Added Electronics/Equipment descriptions.
  4. Added Advanced Ejection System.
  5. Added External Mounts.
  6. Added HHI Nebula and HHI Spectre GOLEMs.
  7. Changed Light to Skirmisher, Medium to Harasser, and Heavy to Battle.
  8. Modified point costs for some weapons.
  9. Fixed ToC and IoT.
  10. Added Climb/Dive rules
  11. Added altitudes.
  12. Added to weapon descriptions
  13. Added some background information
  14. Moved weapon chart and notes sections
  15. Specified Jump distances for GOLEMs.
  16. Slightly changed troop Jump qualifier.
  17. Changed Spread fire to require a to hit for each shot.
  18. Added special moves
  19. Changed Steadiness to Stability.
  20. Added Special Skills