AI Aide

AI Aide Astra Imperia computers General

So, after two years of non-action, I’ve delved back into the AI Aide program. Much of the last few hours of work has been dedicated to reading the code and regrokking it. 

I did manage to fix a couple datatype errors that were present.  I also added some defaults for a couple of the console commands and added a command line argument mainly to aid me in debugging SQL code. Other than that, not much has occurred.

When I last touched the program I was adding the Damage Allocation Table (DAC). Not sure why I had started this as there is no facility to utilize the DAC as of yet.  I also need to complete the technology entries in the SQL files.

I expect to work more on this in the next few weeks and hopefully get much more done.  The to-do list for now is short and shows immediate requirements as well as a couple longer-term items (voice responses & launcher). Next immediate thing is to complete the log viewer to enable e-mail the log files.