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Eldritch Adventures Character Generator

Eldritch Adventures gaming role-playing

I have started work on a computerized character generator for Eldritch Adventures.

Right now, it handles the generation of stats and modifies them based on race. Specializations, skills, abilities, and gear are not yet implemented.

As you can see from the screenshot, the application allows you to select the preferred method of stat generation. When Method IV (point buy) is selected, an additional area is visible showing the total amount of points available to be spent. Right now, the point totals are 20 (Gritty), 26 (Normal), and 32 (Cinematic). An option may be included in the future to specify the points available.

As of right now, all of the race information is hard-coded, this will change in the future once I’ve decided on how to save characters. It will either be a database which holds all created characters, or some form of save-file, XML or the like. If the database option is chosen, there will be a data editor for races, gear, skills, abilities, etc. In the case of a save file, then skills and such will be in XML data files.

Cultures have not been implemented yet either. This would be another tab in the middle. As with skills, et al., cultures will either be an XML file or stored in a database with editing options.