Astra Imperia Cover

Astra Imperia Playtest Update

Astra Imperia wargames

Astra Imperia has a few new changes. Most are streamlining changes. Read the changelog below.

  1. Removed EM/Thermal/Kinetic damage types
  2. Reduced weapon HP
  3. Increased weapon tonnage
  4. Removed ammo from mass cannon, gauss cannon, and hvc
  5. Added flak mode to above.
  6. Increased rocket pod HP
  7. Decreased all missile launcher tonnages
  8. Changed shields to deflectors
  9. Removed reactive armor
  10. Changed shield and armor from 10% hull to a tonnage
  11. Allowed for stacking of armor.
  12. Removed Thermal bands shield mod
  13. Removed shield reflection mod
  14. Removed kinetic & thermal plating armor mods
  15. Removed section on secondary power plant
  16. Changed power plants from hull% to tons
  17. Increased FTL drive tons
  18. Changed FTL jump delay
  19. Changed To hits to d10 rather than d100
  20. Changed missile pen aids and weapon shield penetrator mod to reflect this.
  21. Changed IEW to Energy Missiles
  22. Changed IKW to Missiles
  23. Changed DKW to Ballistic weapons
  24. Changed DEW to Energy weapons
  25. Changed Heavy Metals to Alloys
  26. Changed Ornamentals to Rare Earths
  27. Changed Abundance to 2d10 roll
  28. Modified tech research slightly.
  29. Changed None Technology to n/a RP required.
  30. Extended PD range to 10 hexes
  31. Swapped good rolls to high rolls.
  32. Changed acquisition roll to high = good.
  33. Changed reactor meltdown to d10 from d100
  34. Put flak damage and targets in the table for the weapons
  35. Changed Collapse to Breach for Armor
  36. Explicitly denied destroyed items to be fixed by damage control.