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Astra Imperia

Astra Imperia Version 2.0

So there have been some major changes in Astra Imperia. These changes fundamentally change how a lot of the game functions.

Damage types (EM, Kinetic, and Thermal) have been removed in favor of a generic damage type. Weapon hardpoints have been reduced. Weapon tonnages have increased. Ammo (I shall miss you) has been removed from mass cannons, gauss cannons, and hyper-velocity cannons. Flak mode as been added to mass cannons, gauss cannons, and hyper-velocity cannons. Rocket pod hardpoints have been increased. Missile launcher tonnages have been decreased. Shields have been renamed to Deflectors. Reactive armor has been removed. Deflectors and Armor changed from 10% hull to a tonnage (again). Armor can stack. Some shield and armor mods removed. Secondary power plants removed. Power plants changed from hull percentage to tonnage. Increased FTL tonnage. Slightly changed the FTL jump delay. To hit rolls changed from d100 to d10. Some mods changed to reflect the die change. Indirect Energy Weapons renamed to Energy Missiles. Indirect Kinetic Weapons renamed to Missiles. Direct Kinetic Weapons changed to Ballistic Weapons. Direct Energy Weapons changed to Energy Weapons. Strategic resources changed. Abundance is a 2d10 roll now. Some slight changes in tech tree. PD range increased from 8 hexes to 10 hexes. A good roll is always higher on the die now. Acquisition rolls changed to reflect this. Reactor meltdown changed to d10 roll. Collapse changed to Breach for Armor. Flak targets and damage listed in weapon tables.

All of these changes have been made to help streamline the game flow. There are more to come, but as of yet, not formalized.