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Astra Imperia Eldritch Adventures role-playing Via Astrum

So this past weekend I was at Heroicon. I was there as a participant rather than a vendor, but a good time was had. I played a lot of Shadowrun. This was also the beginnings of Season 9 in Shadowrun Missions, and so necessitated a new character.

After a day to recuperate from the travel and general lack of sleep at the con, I’ve continued work on various projects. Via Astrum is nearly fluff complete. There are some more entries to be put into the Locations chapter. The Xenobestiary has been updated to the latest ruleset and the sample characters are in progress.

A campaign, currently at four missions, projected to have at least six, has a name finally: In Space No One Can Hear Your Deals. The campaign begins with an expanded Treasure of the Gallivanter from the core rules. The missions are linked and have a common theme, though not always obvious.

In the realm of expansions, Via Astrum/Astra Imperia have ten planned expansion volumes. Eldritch Adventures has four planned expansions. The expansions will include a combination of setting content and rules content.

There are also other ideas bouncing around in the old noggin, so don’t be surprised if a future post includes news about a new game.