New Year

gaming role-playing Via Astrum

Well, it is 2014. Couple of days in, and snow has blanketed much of the country. Enough about snow. So we all make resolutions this time of year. I’m no exception. The resolution I’ve made for this year is to dedicate more time to writing. The ultimate goal of this is to get Via Astrum, Eldritch Adventures, and Libram Planetarum out to you. The first up is Via Astrum. This week I’ve made good progress on the Xenobestiary chapter. There are only 35 entries, including 7 sentient races with varying levels of technology that will be available as optional character races. I’d like to have at least 100 entries in the chapter before I call it done.

After the Xeno chapter, I have a few more tech items to add along with a quality scale. This runs from Ruined to Perfect condition. This will allow more flexibility in tech. “Do we trust the blaster rifle we found in the ruins? Or is it going to blow up in our hands?” This will be an optional rule of course.

Finally, to finish off Via Astrum will be the starships chapter. This will present the players with ready made ships they can acquire or face down in space.

I am also considering streamlining the world generation a bit. It is the same system that is in Astra Imperia, but it might be a bit on the complex side for a RPG.

After the text is done, the next steps are editing and art.  After that, it is on to Eldritch Adventures. Or maybe Libram Planetarum.