AI Aide Update

AI Aide Astra Imperia computers programming

Did some work on the Astra Imperia Aide last night. Worked out a couple of bugs and put in a console type command line function.

The command line came about because I was tired of clicking buttons and menus to at what I was testing. So being lazy, I made more work for myself. Go figure. Now that the basic framework is in, it will be easy to expand it as needed. Mostly it’s just hooks into other functions already done.

I also did some work on the game state timer. This timer fires off periodically to do things such as updating the database. It checks the game state, of which there are currently four states: new game, paused, in progress, and no game.

Next up on this list is flesh out the system generation screen to allow saving to the database and establishing colonies on various system bodies. That will account for the last of the game setup (with the exception of personalities). This will allow the turn progress to collect income.

After that, I plan on fleshing out colonies so that facilities may be built. That will take care of another step in the turn order. Once facilities are in, I think research will be next on the list. Research and components are necessary prior to allowing ships to be constructed.

The biggest hurdles I can see will be the system and galaxy maps. I’ve not done much graphic type programming, so that will be a learning adventure.

Anyway, in closing… If anyone is interested in playtesting Astra Imperia, sans computer aid, let me know.