AI Aide update 1513

AI Aide Astra Imperia programming Version 2.0

This is the change log for build 1513. Builds increment every two weeks on Wednesday.

Global changes
Updated to build 1513
Changed .NET version to 4.5.1

Database changes
Added ProgramInfo table to store schema versions.
Added ResearchMaster table for tech tree.
Added script to insert research projects into ResearchMaster.
Modified Insert scripts to delete table contents prior to insert.
Added “IsPlayer” boolean to Races table.
Added ResearchProject table for racial research projects.
Added Ledger table for tracking transactions.

Specific Changes
Changed message box to log version info.
Added functionality to launch AI_AIDE.exe after version check.
Added functionality to close launcher when finished.
Added SchemaVersion to About
Began work on a research tree display.
Added Component Design button.
Added Completed Projects button.
Began code to save research projects.
Changed Design-mode form regenerate database button code to split out
Create Table SQL and Insert SQL into separate routines.
Added GenerateEmpireName function.
Added a form to generate empire names. Accessible via console “EMPN”
Added SM only check box for player/non-player race toggle on creation window.
Added IsPlayer flag to SQL
Fixed issue with IsPlayer and boolean values in the database.