AI Aide build 1517

AI Aide Astra Imperia

Build 1517 is now available. Most of what went on in this build was behind the scenes. Continuing the coding of the table specific classes, along with some improvements to them. Fixed some saving to the database that was not being done before.

The complete change log is listed here:
Global Changes
Changed build to 1517
Removed manual setting of connection string to database object.
Removed manual initialization of database connection.

Database Changes
Added 43 more technologies to ResearchMaster.

Specific Changes
AICore_System.dll (
Added tab on system window for wormholes.
Added Temperature column to system display.
Added Biosphere column to system display.
Added German language support for Wormhole tab.
Added HydroPercent generation
Added Biosphere generation
Added HydroPercent to planetary grid
Added functionality to close the window after save.

AICore_Data.dll (
Created crudStarNames for StarNames table.
Created crudRaces for Races table.
Created crudEmpireTitles for EmpireTitles table.
Created crudRacialTraits for RacialTraits table.
Created crudResearchProject for ResearchProject table.
Created crudResearchMaster for ResearchMaster table.

Added RowCount property to crud classes.
Added ReadByID method to crud classes.
Added MaxRows property to crud classes.
Fixed a crapton of errors after I “improved” the crud classes.
Added Clear method to crud classes.
Added constructor to DBFunctions to set connection string and init connection.

AICore_General.dll (
Added Hydropercent to planet structure.
Added constructor to aiDice to initialize all the params (why didn’t I think of this 10 years ago?)

AI_Aide.exe (
Fixed issue with new games not being listed.
New Game creation writes to RaceGame now.
Added console command to call alien name generator
Added capability of a buffer after the 4 letter console command for parameters.

AICore_Race.dll (
Added random government selections in random race generation.
Added button to randomly generate a race name (including plural and adjective)
Added a function to randomly generate an alien name. Requires a pattern. Allowable pattern elements are:
V – Vowels.
B – Bilabials.
L – Labiodental.
A – Alveolar.
P – Palatal
E – Velar
G – Glottal

Check versions and update (AICore_Launcher)
Localize text fields (AICore_Race)
Show Component Design Windo (AICore_Research)
Read table for specified system ID and fill form (AICore_System)
Account for user preference when determining minerals (AICore_System)
Read the database for colonies (AI_Aide)

The link to download build 1517 is