AI Aide 1519 Release

AI Aide Astra Imperia

This one caught me in the middle of something, so not sure how stable it actually is compared to 1517.

Here is the download link.
And the patch notes:
Global Changes
Changed build number to 1519.

Database Changes
Added Facilities table
Added FacilityType table
Added sql file to populate FacilityType
Changed database schema to
Changed ProgramInfo table to contain more than just database schema.

Specific Changes
AI_Aide.exe (
Added REPT command to console to repeat the last command.
Changed logo on splash screen and about box.
Added an auto-detect button on the program options.
Actually save the language selection so it maintains state between runs.
Added a context menu on the log file listbox for view and delete.
Added a delete log file option accessible via context menu.
Added a display above the log contents to show the file name.
Changed toolbar icons.
Changed program icon.
Added CSYS console command to call the custom system screen.
Modified console to display command run in the output.
Added INFO console command to display game information.
Alphabetized the HELP and FUNC HELP output.

AICore_Research (
Added Title text.
Modified display of numeric values to be culture aware.
Added a function to advance a research project.

AICore_Data (
Fixed error in Read portion where only the first result is written to the dictionary
Added crudFacilityType for FacilityType table.
Cleared the property dictionaries prior to reading new data.

AICore_Race (
Fixed an error in racial traits. Veteran/Crack crew grades instead of Average/Veteran.

AICore_System (
Added a button on the System window to launch a custom system creation window.
Added a Custom System window.
Added random functionality for system name, system id, and system coordinates.
Added validation on system coordinates.
Moved system generation functions to AISysGen class for reusability.

Check versions and update (AICore_Launcher)
Localize text fields (AICore_Race)
Show Component Design Window (AICore_Research)
Read table for specified system ID and fill form (AICore_System)
Account for user preference when determining minerals (AICore_System)
Read the database for colonies (AI_Aide)
Figure out how to validate database integrity.

Manually edit/enter sytem info.
Create Sol system.