Magic Systems

Eldritch Adventures role-playing

I know I’ve talked about this before. Designing a magic system. This is the biggest hurdle I’ve faced in writing Eldritch Adventures. 

I’ve gone through so many different implementations, that I’ve completely lost count. Right now, the current implementation has spells broken out into ten different Dominions, these being Aether, Air, Body, Death, Earth, Fire, Nature, Spirit, Wards, and Water. Each spell is also at one of five levels, these being Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Master, and Grandmaster. Obviously the Novice spells are easier to cast, cost less mana, and do less than a Grandmaster spell which can cause major effects.

I’ve also toyed with things like constructed spells similar to Ars Magica or HERO System. Both have their attractions. Both have their detractions too. Harder to adjudicate during game play and more work for the caster for prep work.

In all, it’s probably the biggest hurdle I’m facing with saying “Eldritch Adventures is complete and needs testing.”