Via Astrum Playtest 0.9

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So, I’ve gone through the file, included some new stuff, streamlined some old stuff, and all around spiffed up the place. The changelog for the .9 version is as follows:

  1. Re-added Street Rat “education”
  2. Removed Career event dependency on Career success rolls.
  3. Removed last remaining vestiges of Wealth mechanic.
  4. Changed how Unskilled rolls work.
  5. Added distance and deviation to Thrown skill.
  6. Cleaned up Psionics chapter to use AP.
  7. Modified some talents from using straight percentage modifiers to varying levels of difficulty steps.
  8. Added a consolidated attack level table to the combat chapter.
  9. Added Blast discs, Razor discs, Shock Glove, Plasma Knife, Plasma sword, plasma grenades, plastoid armor, force cuffs, rad reader, jump boots, stealth glider, medwrap, and toxshots.
  10. Added creatures to the Xenobestiary chapter.
  11. Changed Challenging difficulty to 210.
  12. Changed Impossible difficulty to 270.
  13. Removed class reference in robot/AI section
  14. Changed network security ratings to difficulty levels.
  15. Added Chapter 16. Creating a Universe.
  16. Added a number of skills.
  17. Added some psionic skills.
  18. Added bows and arrows.
  19. Added recon versions of exoskeletal armor and powersuit armor.
  20. Added some more cybernetics
  21. Added bionetics (biological based cyberware).
  22. Added biomonitor equipment.
  23. Finished the xenobestiary.

There still is more to be done, especially in the later chapters. The first 14 chapters seem fairly solid, until someone breaks something quite hard during playtesting. Now, just to write more fluffy stuff.

The new file should be updated on and anyone who currently has it in their library should see it updated. For those that do not have it yet, here are some links.

DriveThruRPG and the Via Astrum/Astra Imperia Bundle