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Via Astrum 0.95

role-playing Via Astrum

The latest version of Via Astrum is available on You can download it here or as part of the Arkayn Game Designs’ Playtest Bundle. Of course if you have already purchased either one, the updated file should be in your library.

The changes are as follows:

  1. Reorganized the benefits of careers to explicitly define what is gained on the first career and later careers/terms.
  2. Added Rural adolescent background.
  3. Decreased TN values by 5.
  4. Clarification of some rules.
  5. Removed reference to Damage Mod as it is equal to STR.
  6. Changed bonus to Weapon Specialization and Zen Specialization.
  7. Changed negative mods to Critical Shot/Imp Crit Shot and Crit Strike/Imp Crit Strike.
  8. Changed Depleted Uranium rounds from AP/Incendiary to AP/+1d10.
  9. Added Electro-Shock rounds.
  10. Changed a charge to 10m minimum distance.
  11. Changed Fall Prone to 2 AP.
  12. Clarified and expanded the Aim action slightly.
  13. Increased the prices of some armors.
  14. Reduced the Armor values of some armors.
  15. Added missing URN Combat Helmet description.

The log seems a bit light compared to previous ones, and I am sure there are a few things that escaped the log.