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Via Astrum 0.96

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I’ve updated Via Astrum on and soon here. The changes are listed below. Though I have come to a realization that the 0.x number scheme might bite me soon. Anyway, read on.

The change log for 0.96 has some things that are new (vehicles, gear, starships), as well as some clarifications on how things should be interpreted. At this point, finishing the Starships and Locations chapters is probably going to make this feature complete. Though I may pull some of the ships out for a future expansion.

  1. Moved Stealth to General from Underworld.
  2. Changed name of Depleted Uranium Round to Depleted Uranium Sabot Penetrator Round.
  3. Re-added old DU round as Depleted Uranium Round.
  4. Fixed some entries in the Misc. Equipment table showing damage instead of weight.
  5. Added Quick Draw holster.
  6. Added 11 new vehicles.
  7. Modified careers to have 1 skill as a Core Skill per term for second + terms and later careers.
  8. Added Talent Scout focus to Media career.
  9. Changed retirement benefit wording slightly across careers.
  10. Changed FA damage to +3d10
  11. Added downtime actions
  12. Added awareness and attack to xeno entries.
  13. Validated xeno entries through turtle, double-headed.
  14. Added a Luck Pool.
  15. Changed Stress to Morale x 2.
  16. Started Appendix X – Useful Calculations
  17. Changed Incapacitated stabilization roll to Difficult from Challenging.
  18. Added Patron as a 15 year perk
  19. Added Needlers
  20. Added Extended barrels
  21. Added Inhibitor grenades.
  22. Added Medical Treatment skill
  23. Added Analyze Animal Behavior skill
  24. Added Analyze Ecosystem skill.
  25. Added Acceleration to vehicles
  26. Added Air brakes
  27. Added Improved/Reduced Acceleration
  28. Added some additional vehicle gear.
  29. Added a couple of new vehicles
  30. Modified some existing vehicles to have new gear.
  31. Added 7 new starships.
  32. Added build/repair rules.
  33. Modified Stress/Morale to be per encounter rather than counted per round.
  34. Validated skills in Chapter 13.
  35. Reduced starship costs by 10%
  36. Added Smuggler Specialization to Criminal career.