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Eldritch Adventures v26

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I am letting v26 compile to PDF right now, so I figured I’d be a bit more productive and put up the changes.

One of the core design philosophies was “No levels”. There is some of that in there with the ranks (Novice-Grandmaster), but beyond gaining some abilities and defense, you do not gain much to show you have “leveled”. Experience is spent on buying abilities, skills, and advancing those skills.

One of the bigger changes is Stress and Morale. Previously, each round you took stress and possibly morale “damage”. Now the GM sets a Stress level for the encounter. Post-encounter you sustain that Stress damage. You can still regain stress and morale the regular ways, rest, etc. Or you can let it accumulate over time.

  1. Added Rural/Town/City costs to weapons and armor
  2. Finished out costs on the gear.
  3. Added some additional gear
  4. Modified prices up through furniture.
  5. Finished Pricing
  6. Added Inheritance Background Ability (2x start cash).
  7. Updated kits to reflect new prices
  8. Updated starting cash by ~ 1.5x so all economic statuses can afford at least 1 kit.
  9. Changed Passive Perception to 5x PER + 25.
  10. Changed up Alchemy rules.
  11. Added herbalism to replace former alchemy.
  12. Removed Brew Potion ability (now Alchemy).
  13. Expanded poison crafting rules.
  14. Removed herb section of equipment.
  15. Expanded trade goods.
  16. Reduced casting speeds by 80%.
  17. Added Cold damage type.
  18. Cleaned up Matrix rules.
  19. Changed per round loss of Morale to Stress.
  20. Added events to regain Stress/Morale.
  21. Changed Morale to STA + WIL.
  22. Changed Stress to Morale x 2.
  23. Added clarification on slow ranged weapons and initiatives.
  24. Added point blank shot to hit bonus and damage bonus.
  25. Changed Point Blank Shot to remove negative mods and reaction shot.
  26. Removed Point Blank Shot 2-4.
  27. Verified stats of Goblins to Caiman. Mana and Resistances still need verification.
  28. All creatures have stats in the master spreadsheet.
  29. Changed rounds to 10 init counts from 12.
  30. Added stats up through Frost Wyrms.
  31. Added a clarification to Combat Reflexes and Init Mastery on precedence.
  32. Moved Basilisk, Cockatrice, Gargoyle, Gorgon, Sphinx, and Werekind to Supernatural creatures.
  33. Added stats up through Aqrabuamelu.
  34. Moved Herd animals under Natural animals.
  35. Modified spell damages down one die step in most cases.
  36. Changed Stress/Morale to be based on the combat and applied post-combat.
  37. Stress derived stat is the maximum Stress that may be applied to a character.
  38. Removed Stress/Morale as a rank up increase. Now gained once.
  39. Added Inspired Leader Ability.
  40. Changed Fiend’s Aura to Minor Aura.
  41. Changed Resistances to 100 – calculated value.
  42. Added Breath Weapon Speed.
  43. Changed up critical hits to be Max + mods + roll + mods. Crits are also Heavy attacks and penetrate additional AV.
  44. Added Brave and Cowardly Abilities.
  45. Reverted Resistances to previous.
  46. Changed Resistance checks to 1d100 + Resistance vs. TN.
  47. Added explicit Resistance checks to spells based on the caster’s rank.