Eldritch Adventures Changelog v23

Eldritch Adventures gaming role-playing

While this title is not yet available on DTRPG.com, work continues on it. The version 23 changelog is below.

Version 23

  1. Fixed typo in Terms section.
  2. Removed Racial Abilities
  3. Added a section in the Combat chapter for Initiative.
  4. Reworked initiative to be a single flow.
  5. Changed wording on Initiative Mastery I & II
  6. Changed surprise.
  7. Changed skills and combat from d20 to d100.
  8. Modified magic system (again) to Dominion/Power.
  9. Added to skill descriptions.
  10. Changed Physical resistance to Poison/Disease.
  11. Added Elemental resistance.
  12. Changed Mental resistance to avg INT+WIL.
  13. Changed skills from levels to discrete categories with fixed costs.
  14. Minor corrections in text based on above changes.
  15. Changed Impossible TN from 125 to 120.
  16. Completed spell list by domain
  17. Begun Spell descriptions
  18. Fire Spell List alphabetized
  19. Descriptions through Apparition Shroud complete
  20. Spell durations linked to power levels
  21. Rework weapon damage and speeds
  22. Changed init stats to average of SPD + PER
  23. Brought class level abilities in line with new scale.
  24. Added Ritual skills for casting spells into matrices.
  25. Changed Expertise skills for combat casting.
  26. Added time rules for matrix construction.
  27. Added an example of matrix construction.
  28. Added alphabetical spell list grouped by power.
  29. Alphabetized spells in list by dominion.
  30. Spell descriptions through aspect of the viper complete.
  31. Removed levels.
  32. Added a scheme for buying advances (specializations, spec advances, skills) with xp.
  33. Removed ER/GER
  34. Changed wording in specializations to reflect removal of levels.
  35. Changed human to gain 1 skill at novice instead of +1 skill point.
  36. Removed weapon speed.
  37. Spell descriptions through False Visage complete.
  38. Removed some outdated blocks of text (character creation example).
  39. Moved work to a Word doc from Publisher.
  40. Spell descriptions through Major Chill Aura complete.
  41. Removed some Abilities
  42. Fixed Enchanting to line with the current magic system.
  43. Added Stat mods to archetypes.
  44. Added Precise Strike to Operative
  45. Added halved movement while stealthed.
  46. Changed off-hand weapon attacks slightly.
  47. Added “Dying” to Incapacitated title.
  48. Added 2x STR damage to self bow description.
  49. Added Light Weapons (d4 damage)
  50. Fixed Aura of Healing to 1d8 + 2x STA
  51. Fixed Aura of Purification to 1d8 + 2x STA
  52. Fixed Major Aura of Healing to 1d8 + 8 x STA
  53. Fixed Major Aura of Purification to 1d8 + 4x STA
  54. Spell descriptions through Nature Lore finished.
  55. Added cultures for “official” setting.
  56. Added Standard of Living
  57. Changed starting funds to reflect standard of living.
  58. Reworked a bit of the magic items.
  59. Fixed charging damage
  60. Changed attack roll to be a Difficult task (70%) and only the attacker rolls.
  61. Renamed Poison/Disease Resistance back to Physical Resistance
  62. Changed shields to provide defense rather than armor.
  63. Changed Tabula Rasa to a Grandmaster level spell.
  64. Finished spell descriptions.
  65. Removed references to Armor Use abilities in the Archetypes.
  66. Changed Survival Bonus ability to Outdoor skills.
  67. Changed archetype tables to have uniform bonuses. Bonuses are now all added per rank rather than a mix of per rank and supersede.
  68. Changed size based DV modifiers
  69. Added a Deafened state
  70. Created a list of creatures by rank and by archetype
  71. Created an alphabetical list of creatures.
  72. Added Acid, Disease, Fire, Holy, Lightning, Poison, Sonic, and Unholy damage types.
  73. Added Armor Use (Medium/Heavy/Shield) abilities back.
  74. Re-added Armor Use abilities to archetypes.
  75. Added Renewal line of spells to Body dominion (Minor/Normal/Major)

About the only thing to do now is to finish off the rewrite of the monsters. Then the title will hit DTRPG.com.