Astra Imperia Changelog v22

Astra Imperia Version 2.0 wargames

The Astra Imperia pdf is updated on and the changes are below.

  1. Removed mitigation references in shield/armor modifications.
  2. Added per month/year comments to CI modifiers
  3. Added explicit pre-reqs to missile components.
  4. Added moon revolution.
  5. Add note that 2500+ ton ships with 1 thrust may still turn.
  6. Added notation to upkeep cost regarding holds
  7. Added example freighter.
  8. Removed Build Point references (legacy)
  9. Added radiators to example ships.
  10. Added a “missile fund” for buying missiles only at campaign start.
  11. Clarified fleet fund only for ships.
  12. Fixed costs for example ships
  13. Adjusted carrier hangar capacity on example ships
  14. Added meltdown reduction chance for technologies greater than Fission.
  15. Changed hardpoints to 1 per 250 tons for PD, 1 per 500 tons for standard, and 1 per 1000 tons for capital.
  16. Modified shield absorption values.
  17. Swapped PD Fire and fighter launch timing
  18. Added Political Capital.
  19. Fixed some missing pics.
  20. Added two traits to Personalities for Political Capital (one positive, one negative).
  21. Swapped Critical Hit value from 00 to 01 since to hit roll is under the calculated number.
  22. Changed multiple Hangars/Cargo Holds/Troop Bays from percentage bonus to flat tonnage bonus.
  23. Increased damage of AST by 1.
  24. Decreased MAR attack and defense by 1 each.
  25. Added Appendix X: Common Calculations.

The hardpoints might get a bit more tweaking in the future. But for now, it is as it stands.