AI Aide Cyberhack General programming

I’ve not put in an update on programming in a long time. Various projects are still underway. I’ll give specific updates on those in a minute.

I’ve started to pick up C#. It is different enough it gives me headaches at times. But, I can see how it might be more attractive than Visual Basic.So on to the specific updates.

  • AI Aide – Visual Basic. I have pretty much ceased work on this in favor of a C# version. So any new updates will reference the C# version.
  • AI Aide – C#. This is the current version. In addition to changing from VB to C#, I am changing how the database access occurs. In the VB version, I have a single dll that controls all of the database access. It includes the Data Access Layer as well as the CRUD operations. The C# version splits the DAL out to a separate dll. This will allow me to use the DAL in other projects without rewriting the wheel as it were.
  • Cyberhack – This game suffers a serious identity crisis. Is it a computer game? Is it a card game? Is it both? Neither? Currently Cyberhack lives on in two forms, a card/board game and a computer game. Underlying mechanics are similar. The computer version of Cyberhack utilizes the DAL (mentioned above). In fact, it first used the DAL and then AI Aide got the new DAL.
  • Arkayn DAL – This is the Data Access Layer. It utilizes inheritance to create a framework that the individual core data dlls will speak to. Currently it is geared to only work with SQLite. Future plans will be to add MSSQL Server and MySQL.

On the issue tracking side, I’ve started to use JetBrains’ You Track. It is a web-based solution that works locally, which was the main feature I needed. Currently AI Aide (VB) has 13 issues, which I am cloning to AI Aide (C#). Cyberhack has 10 issues listed, and ArkaynDAL has none. Some of the issues are not bugs, but rather features and tasks that I am including so that I don’t forget them.

On the code side, with the switch to C#, I have also updated to Visual Studio 2019. So far it has not given me any issues and everything seems to be as functional as in VS2017.

That’s it on the programming side of things for now.