Via Astrum v0.91 Changelog

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Today is the day of change logs. Next up, Via Astrum. The title on is up to date. The change log is below.

  1. Minor layout changes.
  2. Fixed some erroneous page number references
  3. Alphabetized Psionic Skill and Talents
  4. Adjusted cost of called shot from 6 AP to 8AP
  5. Adjusted value of anti-tox
  6. Added reduced speed and reduced handling vehicle options
  7. Added three sample vehicles.
  8. Added Empathy stat.
  9. Added Humanity derived stat. Cybernetics reduce Humanity.
  10. Added Credibility skill
  11. Added Personal Skills category.
  12. Changed Law skill to INT base
  13. Changed Mimicry to EMP/CHA from SEN/CHA
  14. Moved a number of skills to the Personal Skills category.
  15. Added Computer Design skill.
  16. Modified recoil to be based on the STR of the firing character.
  17. Added some cybernetics and bionetics.
  18. Added cyberpsychosis.
  19. Added Cyber-Implant Weapon skill.
  20. Changed AP ammo to halve armor value.
  21. Added hard/soft armor designations
  22. Changed AP ammo to negate hard armor quality.
  23. Added a couple vehicles.
  24. Fleshed out gov’t organizations for a couple races.
  25. Added a bit to the introductory adventure.
  26. Added Beam Spreader
  27. Added Overcharge Module
  28. Added sentient races to Optional section for character creation
  29. Added TL requirements for backgrounds and careers.
  30. Added EMP to Opponents
  31. Added Haste psionic skill
  32. Added Slow psionic skill
  33. Added AP reduction to Slow condition
  34. Added consolidated psi skill list.
  35. Added consolidated skill list.
  36. Removed a couple duplicate skills
  37. Added consolidated talent list
  38. Added lawyer talent.
  39. Added 3 new creatures to the Xeno chapter.
  40. Consolidated Jump/Climb/Swim into Athletics.
  41. Completed Talent reference table.
  42. Modified the cost of vehicles to be based on a formula.
  43. Adjusted prices of vehicles.
  44. Changed the mounts stat on vehicles to be the maximum allowed. Vehicles with weapons listed are assumed to have the appropriate mounts.
  45. Added Psi Storm and Psi Cloak psionic powers
  46. Added Armor modifications
  47. Added Wrist Rockets
  48. Added some miscellaneous equipment.
  49. Added Cardio Implant to cybernetics.
  50. Added Obvious grade cybernetics
  51. Added Kit refills.
  52. Added augment scanners.
  53. Added information on detecting cybernetics and bionetics.
  54. Added three new xenos: Naga, Horned Lurker, and Lupus Eagle.
  55. Changed computer from INT to Complexity.
  56. Removed references to terabytes. Storage is based on complexity.
  57. Added a comm jammer.

For this one, I actually have a to do list.

  • Add more sample vehicles
  • Add more sample starships
  • Flesh out empires and locations.
  • Stat blocks for new xenos.

Not much of one by item, but a big one by content.