Via Astrum v98

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Via Astrum v98 is the current iteration of the rules. As the change log is fairly minimal, this will be a shorter post.

  1. Changed some wording on Luck Pool uses.
  2. Changed Digital Forensics to a separate skill from Forensics
  3. Removed erroneous reference to APP in Rutan section of the character creation. Replaced with negative to SEN.
  4. Added standard capacity for Vehicular Energy Cells to vehicles.
  5. Added power conversion and additional VEC mods to vehicles.
  6. Fixed a typo showing 95-00 was an auto success.

As you can see, the log is pretty small. This is telling me that the game is nearly ready for final editing and layout. Looking back over the posts, I can see I did not put out a log for v97. I’ll include that below here.

  1. Added Aristocrat adolescent background.
  2. Added “Any” to Mercenary Military career entry.
  3. Added Colonist Adolescent background.
  4. Added Belter career.
  5. Added Mining Gig ship.
  6. Added Veterinary skill.
  7. Added some granularity to first aid kits, now termed Medkits.
  8. Added additional gear
  9. Added Explorer vehicle. Think moon rover.
  10. Fixed a typo in the aging table.
  11. Slightly adjusted FAM gains on major medals.
  12. Added Dilettante career.
  13. Added Total Defense combat move.
  14. Added Primitive armors.
  15. Added low tech weapons (pistol and rifle, flintlocks)
  16. Expanded Wound table.
  17. Changed Mercenary to Mercenary/Independent.
  18. Added race creation to chapter 17.
  19. Added Flaws
  20. Added Cyber Tolerant Talent.
  21. Added Grifter spec to Criminal
  22. Added event tables for all criminal specs.
  23. Added hirelings and services to chapter 9.
  24. Finished Appendix P and updated to include Aristocrat and Dilettante.
  25. Reduced the ship structures to 1/10 for military and 1/20 for civilian.
  26. Finished verifying stats on Xenobestiary.
  27. Added Cyber Ops to Corporate career.
  28. Added Cyberwarfare Division to Gov’t career.
  29. Added Cyberwarfare to Military MOS.
  30. Added Assault to Military MOS.

As you can see here, a lot of the changes are to character creation, expanding the options available. Along with the character changes there are added gear to accommodate the changes.