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So I’m sitting here at Buffalo wild wings, using the WordPress and on my phone to do this post. Normally, I reserve such things for my computer as I find it much easier to type on the keyboard instead of swiping around and having autocorrect “fix” my mistakes.

But since my phone is always with me, this will make things easier in the frequency of posting.

On the game front, I’m still running a Champions game every other week. In three weeks I’ll be starting an Adventures in Middle Earth game on the Champions of week. Also involved as a player in a Star Wars Saga edition game.

On the writing front, things are proceeding very slowly. Via Astrum is pretty much feature complete, I just need to start running playtest games. Astra Imperia is pretty much in the same condition, just waiting on fluff and playtesting.

Eldritch Adventures is stuck in magic system rewrite hell. Again, very little work has been done on the setting. Project:GOLEM hasn’t been worked on in ages. But there it is just a matter of playtesting and world building.

Cyberhack seems to change weekly from a board game to a deck builder, to a constructed deck game. It can’t decide what it wants to be.

So I think that is enough verbal meandering for tonight. Until next time.