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Eldritch Adventures v24

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This is a bit late in coming, as I’ve been delving deep into v25. The biggest changes are mostly formatting changes, adding consolidated lists for skills and abilities.

A lot of abilities were removed and placed into combat actions. No longer do you need an ability to charge. Some of the TNs were lowered a bit. Specializations to hit bonus was increased. Resistances increased. Initiative modifier decreased. Continued work on the Creature Codex (renamed from Bestiary).

Here is the full change log.

  1. Some formatting changes.
  2. Added Consolidated skill list.
  3. Removed Weapon Use abilities except Exotic.
  4. Added Weapon Training for Martial, Martial-ranged, and Exotic.
  5. Added start of consolidated ability table.
  6. Added an option to buy stat advances by xp.
  7. Shifted some abilities from Combat to Usage
  8. Created Magic abilities category.
  9. Shifted some abilities from Combat to Magic.
  10. Moved some abilities to attack actions, removing the ability.
  11. Moved aiming to a manipulate action.
  12. Split called shots out of aiming.
  13. Decreased Trivial to Challenging TNs by 5.
  14. Increased all Specializations To Hit bonus by 5.
  15. Reworked the blank character sheet some. Included break durability, hit loc %, TN table, wound threshold, added formulae for derived stats.
  16. Changed trap TNs to be task levels.
  17. Reduced Thorny Coat/Mass Thorny Coat to 1d8 damage.
  18. Changed Init Mod to (SPD + PER)/4.
  19. Increased Resistance base to 15.
  20. Changed initiative to roll – Init Mod. Declare action, add appropriate init penalty, act at new action.
  21. Added Creating a Race specifics, using minotaur as an example.
  22. Changed stat check # to 10 from 7.
  23. Cleaned obsolete abilities from creatures.
  24. Added initiative tracking sheet
  25. Added gear, skills, and spells to undead that use them.
  26. Changed stat checks from d10 to d%
  27. Changed Passive Per to 5x Per.
  28. Continued work on the Codex.
  29. Added hybrid form to Dirus werekind.