Via Astrum v0.93

role-playing Via Astrum

Not as big on the changelog, but big on the changes.

Big changes are some layout changes. Age and categories moved to Chapter 2. A new Chapter 1 System Overview. This is to give you a feel for the system before you create a character. A new career, Clergy. Events have been moved to the careers they affect. Cascading damage is back! It formerly was called Open-Ended rolls. That was ambiguous and since damage is the only mechanic that uses it, the name changed. Couple of damage type changes, new equipment. Much more.

Yet to do is fill out Appendix X Common Calculations, finish Appendix P Instant Parties, more sample vehicles and starships. Complete empires and such.

  1.  Added branches to Survey Corps.
  2. Added skill selections to a number of careers.
  3. Changed aid skill to a graduated table instead of a flat +10%.
  4. Added Open-Ended rolls back to damage rolls.
  5. Removed a reference to actions in Coup-de-grace.
  6. Added reloading action.
  7. Changed Shock Glove damage to EM
  8. Changed Stun Baton to 1d10K/2d10EM.
  9. Changed RR to Rcl.
  10. Added space suits and emergency space suits.
  11. Changed Shock Web to EM damage.
  12. Changed laser sights to 2x ACC
  13. Changed rangefinders to +50% Acc.
  14. Changed Young Adult background to Adolescent background.
  15. Added a way to change MOS to military career.
  16. Added a path to OCS from military career.
  17. Added a clause on pirate raider to limit to First Mate/Captain.
  18. Modified Events layout to incorporate results into table.
  19. Expanded age tables to include optional races. Modified format.
  20. Added jump delay for FTL drives.
  21. Changed lock on chance to 15% from 10%
  22. Added Dagger-class Pirate Raider.
  23. Added a System Overview chapter.
  24. Reorganization of the Background chapter.
  25. Put in a path to actually enter the Media career.
  26. Added Legal branch to Corporate.
  27. Moved Aging to Race chapter.
  28. Added Clergy career.
  29. Health renamed to Vigor.