Board games Cyberhack

I’ve probably mentioned this project in the past. It has gone through several iterations in the platform since it’s inception. Originally, it was to be a computer game. Now, in its current incarnation, it is a card/board game.

In the game, as it is now, players take turns drawing a mission. Missions range in difficulty from Blue (easiest) to Black (hardest). Once the mission has been drawn, the playfield is constructed. The playfield consists of a number of hex tiles based on the mission. These hex tiles are a graphical representation of the workings of a computer system in the future.

Players compete against each other and the system itself to complete the mission. Once the mission is completed, the player who successfully completes it gains the rewards, along with any incidental loot they acquire along the way. Play then shifts to the next player.

I haven’t decided on a victory mechanism yet. Most likely the highest number of complete missions. Play supports 1-4 players at the moment, so some sort of tracking mechanic is going to be needed. Options for counters already in the game include completed missions and money. Money would be a double-edged sword for victory as you require it to upgrade your player between missions. I have been thinking about assigning victory points to missions, and the highest total there is the victor.

Right now, the game is in the very early playtesting stages. I have been working on creating the game cards and player placards that will be required to play the game. My hope is to run some playtest games at Nuke-Con 2018.