Planned Source books

Astra Imperia Eldritch Adventures gaming role-playing

In the somewhat nebulous future, there are a number of source books planned for Eldritch Adventures, Via Astrum, and Astra Imperia.

For Eldritch Adventures, the planned source books are:

  • Eldritch Creatures
  • Eldritch Arcana
  • Eldritch Shadows
  • Eldritch Arena
  • Eldritch Armory
  • Eldritch Kingdoms
  • Eldritch Species – Human
  • Eldritch Species – Stone Kin
  • Eldritch Species – Nature Kin
  • Eldritch Species – Scale Kin
  • Eldritch Species – Tusk Kin

Shadows, Arena, and Arcana deal with the core specialties of Stealth, Combat, and Casting. Creatures and Armory add more creatures and gear. Kingdoms adds rules for kingdoms and domains. The species books add more options for the various species.

Via Astrum and Astra Imperia will share a lot of the source books, that is information for both games will be present in some of the books. Planned source books are:

  • Advanced GM Guide (VA)
  • Aliens (VA & AI)
  • Commonwealth (VA & AI)
  • Confederation (VA & AI)
  • Equipment (VA)
  • Jata’s Robot Emporium (VA)
  • Libri Universalis (VA & AI)
  • Obsidian Blade (VA & AI)
  • Taurus Republic (VA & AI)
  • Ursae Republic (VA & AI)

The combined game books expand the information and options for the canon empires, while the Libri Universalis is a universe encyclopedia. The Via Astrum only books expand the gear and options for the game.

As of yet, there are no planned release dates or release order.