World Building, Crowdsourced style

Eldritch Adventures gaming role-playing

I’ve decided that for world building for Eldritch Adventures I am going to run a game. This game will have the players taking part as deities of the world. They take turns adding features to the world and building it up.

The races from EA will appear in a semi-random time frame, in the order of Scale Kin, Nature Kin, Stone Kin, and Humans in that order. The First Age will last 20,000 years and have the appearance of the Scale Kin and Nature Kin. The Second Age will last 10,000 years and feature the appearance of Stone Kin and Humans. The “sub races” of each kin will appear at the whim of the deities.

Depending on how things progress, the Ages may last longer just to get things done. The world is a 100 x 75 hex map, with each hex representing 216 square miles.

The Third Age will be the time of conflicts. Great wars and avatars of the gods doing things. This Age will last around 1000 – 2000 years. And the dawn of the Fourth Age is the beginning of the “present” day for the game setting.

Resources I’m using for this are Dawn of Worlds (links to the pdf),  Expeditious Retreat Press’ “A Magical Medieval Western Society”  and Hexographer Pro  for the mapping.