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Via Astrum v0.92

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I realize this is hot on the heels of v.91, but I figure it is a good time to put this out. The changelog has just over 50 entries which puts it pretty close to the v.91 release.

The major things in .92 are the example characters are up to date on the current rules, some revamping of the character creation process such as adding an economic background and a young adult background, tweaks on the event tables, increased amounts of credits from events, increased severance package amounts, some restructuring of the rules to follow the creation process, a new career (Media), and psi options to a lot of the existing careers. Some of the changes (Appendix P) still need to be completed.

Version 0.92 will be available on in a few minutes from the time of this post.

The full change log is listed below.

Version 0.92

  1. Inserted missing page reference to Troubleshooting skill in consolidated skill list.
  2. Changed Hard armor to be 2x versus non-AP ammo.
  3. Added Soft armor to the definition of soft targets for Hollow point ammo.
  4. Changed Gel rounds to do zero damage to Hard armor targets.
  5. Added Delay action.
  6. Removed old references to damage dice exploding.
  7. Fixed Matthew Niday to current rules.
  8. Fixed Lucien to current rules.
  9. Fixed Geneva Saldana to current rules.
  10. Fixed Victor Harr to current rules.
  11. Fixed Joe McDade to current rules.
  12. Fixed Aurora McKnight to current rules.
  13. Inserted missing Disguise skill from consolidated list.
  14. Fixed Edison Fitzgerald to current rules.
  15. Added character summary to Sample Character header page.
  16. Added Economic Status to character creation.
  17. Added Young Adult backgrounds (ages 13-18).
  18. Changed master event table to 2d10 and removed No result.
  19. Changed a number of specific event tables referencing skills to be core skills.
  20. Changed +5% bonus result on event tables to +10%
  21. Swapped good results to upper numbers on event tables.
  22. Removed no cyber replacement on wound table.
  23. Made POW entry retirement into a success test.
  24. Increased duplicate Core skill bonus to 10% from 5%
  25. Changed Survey Corps retirement benefit for ship to kick in after five terms instead of after one.
  26. Increased random cash amounts by a factor of 10
  27. Increased severance package cash amounts
  28. Moved Talents to chapter 2 to follow the suggested character creation flow.
  29. Changed Stat roll to 25 + Stat
  30. Removed the 5% chance of pure success from Impossible tasks.
  31. Changed psionics to use the Psionic skill.
  32. Psi skills are now specializations of the Psionic skill.
  33. Changed Mental Contact to a Psionic skill task
  34. Changed Psionic Affinity to lower the task threshold needed by one step.
  35. Added an exception to the skill specializations for psionics to be 10% for psionic skills.
  36. Added suggested economic statuses to races
  37. Added Appendix N – Inspirational Sources
  38. Added Appendix P – Instant Characters
  39. Changed suppression fire slightly.
  40. Swapped appendix A & B.
  41. Added Rogue Scientist, Rogue Psi, and Street Doc to Criminal career as specializations.
  42. Alphabetized specs in various careers.
  43. Changed odd on Love event table.
  44. Removed some old references to career/class paths that no longer exist.
  45. Added Insight skill
  46. Added Composition skill
  47. Added Endurance skill
  48. Removed Ground Piloting specialization as it is duplicated with the Driving skill
  49. Added Media career.
  50. Added Survey Corps Explorer
  51. Added musical instruments and holocam
  52. Added a performance ground vehicle sample.