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Libram Planetarum

The Libram Planetarum series will begin with the Obsidian Blade Clanworlds. Originally depicted in Astra Imperia as a single world collection of cutthroats and scalawags, the Obsidian Blade has organized into clans, with most of the clans having a world (or worlds) to call their own. Libram Planetarum: Obsidian Blade focusses on the worlds of the thirteen Shadow Captains who rule the Council that governs the Obsidian Blade clans as a whole. Details on each clan and their leaders, along with the worlds they claim will be presented, as will a number of scenario hooks for GMs.


I’ve been participating in Johnn Four’s Game Author’s Bootcamp ( and decided on the Libram Planetarum. This will be a lightweight product detailing a number of connected worlds in a sector of space. Currently I am planning on one Libram per current empire in the Via Astrum/Astra Imperia universe.

This leads into the other vague, nebulous idea I have for a product/line. A version of an Encyclopedia Galactica. The overall idea is a zero-crunch product that is geared towards the VA/AI universe, but can be used in any game system. The product would contain political entities (empires), alien races, star ship classes, famous people (current and historical), alien critters, alien plants, and worlds. This project is way down the road though.

A note about the Bootcamp: registrations are closed at the moment. You can sign up to be alerted when they reopen.

Astra Imperia Aide Update

Due to some feedback, I have slightly modified the logging and database locations for the program. Prior, they were stored under subdirectories in the install directory. This requires admin rights to write to the logs and the database. In a database intensive application, that might get annoying. So now logs and the database are stored in the user’s appdata directory. This should mitigate the need for admin rights.

I also dropped the use of nlog. The logging I’m doing is simple enough that a function with a couple parameters handles what I need. There are four log files planned; an errorlog which contains errors, a log file which has general info like program status and SQL queries, a game log file with general game information, and a race log file with racial events logged.

AI Aide update

A small update on the AI Aide project…

The program allows the user to create and save a race to the database and to create a game. There is a small bug in the code that allows you to select an existing race as the race to be used for a new game. The database tool reads tables and can regenerate the database when needed (wipe to a zero state).

Next steps –

  1. A race display which shows racial details, colonies, personalities, and research options.
  2. A screen to create/display stellar systems.
  3. Research projects.
  4. Creating ships.

There is much more to do, but these steps should keep me busy for a while. I plan on releasing test releases as I go. The first will be when I squash the bug mentioned above.