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Eldritch Adventures Gameplay Example

Eldritch Adventures role-playing

Dave (Lightfinger the Pious, an ash elf priest), Tanya (Kianha Strongbow, a wood elf ranger), Mark (Argeld the Strong, a dwarven warrior), and Nicole (Tazzy, a gnome rogue) are sitting down for their first game of Eldritch Adventures. The GM (Scott) starts by describing the scene.

Scott: After three days of traveling through the forests, you have reached the cave you believe the villagers have described to you. It is around noon, so the heat of the day is bearing down on you.

Tanya: Do we see anything out of the ordinary?

Scott: Give me a perception roll.

Dave: Do we all get to roll?

Scott: Sure.

The players all roll their perception rolls.

Dave: I got a 26, for a total of 71, a Difficult TV.

Tanya: I got a total of 93, for a Hard TV.

Mark: I rolled a 1, I guess I don’t see much at all.

Nicole: I got a 57 on my roll for a total of 107.

Scott: Everyone except Argeld notices the faint marks in the dirt outside the cave. They look like some sort of footprint, but they are very strange looking. At this point Scott slides a note to Dave which reads “Due to your Undeath Mastery, you recognize the prints as skeletal footprints”.

Dave reading the note: Uh guys, I don’t think this is the right cave. The villagers said kobolds, right? These prints are skeletal.

Mark: What prints?

Nicole: Maybe the kobolds have a shaman that summoned some skeletons?

Tanya: Regardless, we need to clean out this den of evil.

The players all nod in agreement.

Scott: What is your marching order?

After a brief discussion, Mark says: Argeld will lead, followed by Tazzy and Lightfinger with Kianha in the back. We all have Night Sight, so we won’t use any torches or lanterns.

Scott: Okay. The cave entrance soon gives way to worked stone. Argeld, due to your Masonry, you can tell that this is old construction, but solid. It’s at least 200 years old.

Argeld: Can I tell what kind of people built this?

Scott: It looks dwarven to you.

Argeld, growling under his breath: We really need to clean out this place and cleanse it of the foul beings that have infested it.

Scott: After about 50’ you come to a T intersection. The path to the right ends in a closed door after 10’, the path to the right extends into the darkness.

Tazzy: Let me check the door for traps.

Scott, knowing there is no traps on the door: Okay, roll.

Tazzy, rolling a 22 for a total of 35 on her roll: That’s an Easy result.

Scott: You don’t find any traps.

Tazzy: Door is clean guys. I check to see if it’s locked.

Scott: Nope, the door starts to swing open easily at your touch.

Argeld: Hold up there Tazzy, let me go in first. I approach the door and cautiously open it. What do I see?

Scott: You see two kobolds and a skeleton. The kobolds seem to be surprised. Roll for Initiative.

The players all roll.

Tanya: I rolled a 7, which modifies down to a 2. I’ll be using my bow, so I will fire at a kobold on 6.

Dave: I rolled a 1. Can’t go any lower so I’ll hit the other kobold with a Decay from my staff. That’ll go off on 6 also.

Mark: I rolled a 10. My Init mod is 3 so I will charge in on 7. How far is the skeleton from me?

Scott: 15 feet.

Mark: Okay, so I’ll reach it on 10, and swing my Warhammer at the skeleton. It’s a speed 8, so I’ll swing on 18.

Nicole: I got a 3 on my roll, so I’m at 1. Are the kobolds also 15’ away?

Scott: Yes they are.

Nicole: I’ll attempt to sneak up to the one Kianha is going to shoot and stab it with my dagger. That will be on 9.

Scott: Kianha, roll to hit the kobold.

Tanya, rolling her to hit: I rolled a 97! That’s a crit, yes?

Scott: Yes, it is. What’s your damage?

Tanya: For the crit it will be 10 points. Since I’ve not moved, I got two more shots. Tanya rolls twice more getting a 36 and 75.

Scott: That’s a hit and a miss. How much more damage?

Tanya: Another 5 points. My next shots will be on 10.

The kobold is wearing a leather jerkin giving it an AV of 3. The critical hit deals 10 points, of which only 2 is blocked by the armor, the kobold suffers the remaining 8 points of damage. The other hit deals only 2 points of damage. The kobold has suffered 10 damage total from Kianha’s attacks. With only 21 health, the kobold is half dead already.

Scott: Okay Lightfinger, your spell is cast.

Dave: A sickly green glow erupts from Lightfinger’s staff and flies to the kobold!

Dave rolls and gets a result of 65 for his Expertise roll.

Dave: I made my roll. So, I deal 1d6 disease damage to the kobold. And I do…

Dave rolls 1d6, getting a 6.

Dave: Six damage! I’ll cast again, so on 14 my spell will go off again. Another Decay spell.

The kobold suffers another 4 points of damage from the spell, 1 point from the maximum roll, and 3 points that get through the AV.

Scott: On initiative count 9, the skeleton starts to lurch towards Argeld. Tazzy sneaks up behind the badly wounded kobold. Make your attack.

Nicole, rolling a total of 65: That’s a hit, right?

Scott: Yes, it is. How much damage do you do?

Nicole rolls 1d4 and gets a 3: With my base damage I do 6 points. My next attack is on 13.

The kobold takes another 3 points of damage.

Scott: The kobold is bleeding badly from numerous wounds. The skeleton reaches Argeld on 10 and swings its mace. The attack will land on 16. Kianha’s attacks will go on 10 also.

Tanya, rolling three attacks: A 21, 68, and 86. Two hits, right?

Scott: Yes. How much damage?

Tanya, rolling her damage: 6 from the first hit and 8 from the second.

The kobold takes another 8 damage, 3 from the first shot and 5 from the second, leaving it with no health.

Scott: The kobold collapses and makes a gurgling sound as it expires. Tazzy, you’ll need to reroll your initiative to change targets.

Nicole, rolling her initiative: Okay, I rolled a 7, so I’ll declare on 12.

Scott: On 11, the kobold Lightfinger hit with his spell, screeches out something and scampers towards him. He will reach Lightfinger on 14 and his attack will land on 18. Tazzy, you are up on 12 now.

Nicole: I move the 15’ to the kobold and stab with my dagger. That will be on 19. (3 counts for the 15’ move and 4 for the dagger’s speed).

Scott: Okay, we are at 14. Lightfinger?

Dave rolls his spellcasting again: Crap! I rolled a 12. That’s a total of 23. My spell fizzles.

Scott: Yep, your spell fails. 16, the skeleton swings at Argeld. What’s your DV?

Mark: My DV is Easy.

Scott rolls and gets a 73, a solid hit. He then rolls 2d6 damage for the weapon for a total of 8 points: The skeleton swings its flanged mace at Argeld and lands a solid blow on him dealing 8 points. That’s a heavy weapon, so 1 point will automatically get through your AV.

Argeld is wearing a chain hauberk and has 6 AV. He takes another two points of damage.

Mark: Argeld roars out in fury!

Scott: The skeleton will attack again on 22. Okay, 18. Argeld’s attack. Don’t forget to roll for Undead Fear.

Mark rolls a Mental Resistance roll against a TV of Trivial: A 76. Easy. My attack roll is a 68. That should hit.

Scott: It does indeed. Damage?

Mark, rolling 2d8: 16! That’s three through the skeleton’s AV! My base damage is 5. That’s a total of 21 damage.

Scott: Yes, it is.

The skeleton has a chain hauberk with 6 AV. The attack will deal 15 points of damage.

The combat continues…