Lotro Session – Oredan

Picking up in the 21st Hall where I left off, I backtracked to see if I could find Reinn. Unfortunately, I soon did. Or his corpse at least. While inspecting the body, I was set upon by a large orc named Ozut. As he neared death he gloated that the killer of Reinn would dispose of me too. After tracking down the trail, I confronted the orc Khil, and “khilled” him.

Mogr appeared soon after the fight and expressed regret he had not listened to Reinn earlier. He then charged me with exploring the Wide Hall. I planted two banners upon convenient columns and continued deeper. At an intersection, I detected a foul stench and took the side branch to investigate. I found a foul pool and some sickly looking orcs. Amongst the debris, I came across a number of orc corpses who showed evidence of being poisoned. I destroyed a number of brewing stoves and the defilers brewing the potions. I also disposed of the leaders of this endeavor, a couple of orcish captains.

Also buried in the foul debris, I found the head to the statue of Helgi Goblinbane! I shall return this to Simbi in the 21st Hall immediately. I reached a major crossroads in the Wide Halls and noted many opportunities to slay orcs. I decided for the moment to return to the 21st Hall and return the head of Helgi Goblinbane to Simbi as well as checking in with Brogur after completing his charge to slay many orcs in Zelem-Melek.

In the 21st Hall, Mogr pulled me aside and asked me to check in on a dwarf named Avar in the Orc Watch, which is in the Redhorn Lodes. I assured him that I would. Brogur asked me to speak with Warr in the Chamber of Mazarbul. Warr asked me to help him determine what had caused the devastation in the chamber. Searching through the debris, I found a tome. Warr and I decided that Brogur needed to see this tome. Brogur read some of the pages, finding that it was a record of Lord Balin’s expedition into Moria. He instructed me to bring it to Bosi at the Chamber of the Crossroads.

Bosi asked me to head to the Silvertine Lodes and find Sweina. This has left me with a difficult decision; head to the Silvertine Lodes and speak with Sweina, go to Orc-Watch and find Avar, or explore the side passages from the Wide Halls.

While the armorer was pounding out some dents in my breastplate, I decided that Sweina and Avar could wait for a while as I explored a bit. I made my way back to the crossroads in the Wide Halls without incident. Exploring a side passage, I came across a section labeled on my map as Skrithurz-Ulima. I saw a large orc bearing the mark of the White Hand. Not wishing to foster any sort of cooperation between the two groups, I set out to dispose of the White Hand orcs. Amongst the orcs, I came across one that seemed to be a leader. The others referred to him as Raulik. Soon, Raulik was no more. I found and destroyed a number of White Hand weapons, as well as thinned out the orc herd.

Heading south from Skrithurz-Ulima, I found the Hall of Flowing Water. A dwarf named Bui was there. He asked me to help him determine the purity of the water in the hall.  I readily agreed since pure water is important to the manufacture of beer. While searching for sources of clean water, I found a very large orc encampment. Knowing Bui needed to know this as soon as possible, I returned to him. He asked me to scout the orc encampment.

As I explored, I came across the kitchens of the orcs, if such a foul place could be called such. I noticed a number of my brethren trussed up, ready to be fed to the foul orcs. I obviously could not let them become the main course, so I freed them. Continuing deeper into the camp, I found their forges. Notcing large stocks of coal, I figured without the coal, their efforts would be hampered. Finding the quarters of the camp, I spy a banner. I get closer and see that it is the banner of Rugh. So I destroy the banner and dispose of the orc Rugh. I finally found the armory. I take note of a large stock of armour, and decide to destroy it. I return to Mogr in the 21st Hall and tell him of the large number of orcs.

Back in the 21st Hall, I head to the forge to craft myself some new tools for my trade.

Lotro Session – Malraeg

Tonight’s session of Lotro features my level 84 human burglar, Malraeg. He’s in Rohan, currently near the town of Garsfeld. He runs around with an elven guardian named Rainael.

The evening begins with a quick trip to Hytbold to aid the reconstruction efforts. Getting direction, the pair heads to Harwick to see what aid they may be there. The two intrepid adventurers gather quests to cleanse Digelon of lizards and fungus, remove some Easterlings from the plains of the Wold. After clearing out some lizards and fungus, Wulfin decided that Mal could be considered an ally of the Wold. The pair cleans out some Easterlings and then head to Cliving to see what assistance they may render there. Aldbeort sends them to Ost Magol to kill orcs and Uruks, and to destroy a totem.

A dozen orcs and a totem later, the two return to Aldbeort for some well-earned gold.

Rain & Mal head to Garsfeld via Faldham and aid some farmers in Garsfeld. Mal gets to level 85.


Lotro Session – Oredan

I’ve decided I am going to regale you with my adventures in various online games. Since Lotro (Lord of the Rings Online) is the most common one I play, chances are it’s going to be the most populous posts.

Today, I decided to work on Oredan. He’s a level 54 dwarf guardian, currently embedded in the Water Works in Moria. After slaughtering some lizards and frogs for the Foreman in the Great Wheel, he breaks his wheel. So I get to find a replacement gear for him.  A few minutes later, I’m back and he’s sending me off again. This time to the entrance to the Vile Maw.

I fetch some water, which he has me deliver to the Foreman. Back to the Great Wheel. The foreman sends me out to kill some orcs. That done and it’s back to the Vile Maw. The dwarf there sends me on to 21st Hall. A couple of quick goat rides and I’m in the 21st Hall. A couple of run around quests delivering ale and checking on mirrors gets me to 55. Yay Oredan!

The delivery stuff done, I get sent out into the Great Hall accompanied by Reinn. He’s a headstrong dwarf and thinks there is more trouble out here than the foreman of the 21st hall believes. On the way, we help Rokur defend himself from a scout. Reinn and I join up with Domarr to scout out some orc encampment. A bit of yapping later, and Reinn heads back to warn the 21st Hall.

Domarr asks me to kill some orcs and burn a couple of shrines. Back to Gazatu-ru. I slaughter a warg rider on my way into the orc encampment. While I’m there killing minion orcs, I decide to off some of their captains. Ten orcs, four captains and two shrines later, I am back on my way to Domarr. After telling Domarr of my exploits, he decides I have proven myself an Ally of the Iron Garrison Guards. In addition he sends me back to the 21st Hall and Mogr.

Arriving back in the 21st Hall, I find out Reinn has not returned to Mogr. He’s worried, so he charges me to find Reinn. On my way out of the 21st Hall to track down Reinn, I swing by the chamber of Leadership to speak with Brogur about Rokur’s scout. He asks me to kill off a bunch more orcs.

I sell off some of the stuff I’ve scavenged from the dead orcs, and repair a few dings in the armor.

At this point, I think it’s dinner time. So a break is in order.


I have been programming since 1984. My first computer was a Radio Shack Color Computer with 4k of memory. Now I am on an Intel Core i3 with 4 gigs of memory. Big difference.

Since the mid-90s most of my programming has been in Visual Basic doing client/server type programming. As a hobby, I also program fun stuff. Unfortunately a lot of the fun stuff never gets finished. I have recently branched out into PHP, C#, and XNA. Using XNA in VB is a trial because there are not a lot of web resources dedicated to it.

As I gain proficiency, I plan on putting up some tutorial type entries concentrating on VB and XNA.

My Gaming

I’ve been involved with role-playing games since 1980, and computer games since 1984 or thereabouts. I’ve played most of the table-top rpg’s out there. A few of my favorite, or go-to games are D&D (3rd Ed), GURPS, and Hero System.

Recently I’ve started to write games. I self-published a wargame called Astra Imperia. I’ve been working on a fantasy rpg called Eldritch Adventures and a science fiction rpg called Via Astrum. I’ve also been working on another wargame called Project:GOLEM, in addition to a second edition of Astra Imperia.

On the computer side of things, I’ve got a futuristic computer hacking rpg called CyberHack. I’ve also toyed around with a computer rpg based on Eldritch Adventures and a wargame based on Astra Imperia.

My blog on programming, gaming, and writing.